Marketing (always) can't save you

We've seen Hollywood throw millions of marketing dollars at movies that are just plain awful only to generate a loss. The same applies with UI/UX for your business.

As a business or an organization, you need to control the experience and make it a memorable one for your users. Marketing can't save an awful experience.

You don't (always) have to produce content.

Did you know that Facebook has a blog called Facebook Newsroom? You probably didn't know that (unless you either worked there or was a reporter.) 99% of content produced on Facebook isn't produced internally from the company; it's from your family and high school buddies.

Content has many forms from social, aggregated, user-generated, and etc. through multiple interfaces (desktop, mobile, VR, AR). 

You should always be SPREADing

I once played this obscure game called Terranigma which had an ending that sticks with you, a stunning design, and awesome music that you can listen to here.

Much like how marketing can't save an awful (or low-demand) product, not good enough marketing can't save a phenomenal product in time. Terranigma is obscure because of little-to-no marketing.  Don't be Terranigma, spread news about your product.

You always need a funnel.

Whether it's Google changing how your website is found, the YouTube ADpocalypse, Facebook charging you to reach your own followers of your Page, this only reinforces that you always need a funnel.

Whether you believe that the big players are good or evil, their best interests will (sometimes) run counter to yours. Having a funnel allows you to build a direct ACTIVE connection that no one else has.